Ratchet Body Only, Jaw & Jaw, 10" Barrel, 3/4" bolts, 13,000 lbs. WLL. (Minimum order 6 pcs) Removable Handles Sold Separately

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Working Load Limit: 13,000 lbs.
Made In USA: No
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Durabilt Removable Handle Ratchet Binders


  • 10" barrel, 3/4" bolts

  • 13,000 lbs. WLL

  • Durabilt No. DR-J-J-BODY

  • (handle sold separately)

  • Minimum order 8 each

  • 12.0 lbs.

  • Item No. 10-844

How to use Removable Handle Ratchet Binders Removable Handle Ratchet Binders jam nut

• One handle fits all – handle length is 17.25”
• Removable handle limits risk of loss by theft
• Structurally reinforced design in this detachable handle
• Handles and barrels sold separately
Eye bolts do not back off from barrel in use
with jam nuts

WARNING: Always remove handle before transit and do not exceed working load limit (WLL)



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