5/16" G80 Alloy Chain, 4,500 WLL. (Shipping Extra). THIS IS A CUSTOM CUT AND NOT RETURNABLE.

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Size: 5/16"
Grade: 80 Alloy
Working Load Limit: 4,500 lbs.
Made In USA: Yes
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(Wt. 1.06 lbs./ft.)

Grade  80 Alloy 

Bulk Chain



Rugged, versatile, high strength chain manufactured from special alloy steel.

This chain is quenched and tempered, proof tested and


Approved for overhead lifting applications.


Our Alloy Grade 80 Chain is Made in the USA, produced from the highest 

quality domestic alloy steel and finished with a black coating that is not a rust preventative .

Meeting the specifications of the NACM, ASTM, and OSHA, our chain and Grade 80 attachments offer a design factor of 4 to 1.  Quality testing is done throughout the manufacturing process.

Each link is individually proof tested and certified.



 Manufactured to specifications developed by the

National Association of Chain Manufacturers(NACM) and ASTM/ANSI A391 / A391M. Grade 80. Contact our office to determine availability of chain meeting Federal Specification RR-C-271


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