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Working Load Limits for Chain Slings

According to NACM Welded Steel Chain Specs

Web Page

D.O.T. North American Final Rule 

Effective Date Sep 27, 2002, Compliance date Jan 1, 2004

Detailed information on securing loads for safe transportation from the US Dept of Transportation


For clarification

USDOT Cargo Securement Enforcement Policy

Dec 31, 2003

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NACM Welded Steel Chain Specifications
April 11, 2010

PDF file size 1154 kb


NACM Weldless Steel Chain Specifications
April 26, 2003 (Reaffirmed 2009)

PDF file size 489 kb


This document, produced by the National Association of Chain Manufacturers (NACM), covers properties and grades of welded steel chain for industrial and commercial use.

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Quote request form.

Request a quote for chain

 meeting the

RR-C-271F Federal Specification

Federal  Specifications


5 July 2011






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