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Chain  Hooks Forms


Technical Data
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 1st Chain Supply Catalog (PDF)


Bulk Chain, Welded (pails and drums)

   Grade 100 Alloy

   Grade 80 Alloy

   Grade 70 Transport, Gold Finish

   Grade 43 High Test, Hot Dip Galvanized

   Grade 43 High Test, Zinc-Plated

   Grade 43 High Test, Self-Colored

   Grade 30 Proof Coil, Hot Dip Galvanized

   Grade 30 Proof Coil, Zinc-Plated

   Grade 30 Proof Coil, Self-Colored

   Stainless Steel Chain

   Painted Steel Chain

   Powdercoated Steel Chain

   Windlass Chain, Grade 40/G4, Acco Brand

   Windlass Chain, BBB, Acco Brand

   Mooring Chain


Bulk Chain, Weldless

   Jack Chain

   Double Loop Chain

   Singe Loop Chain

   Plumber's Chain

   Sash Chain

Cut Length Chain

   Grade 100 Alloy

   Grade 80 Alloy

   Stainless Steel Chain

   Security Maxx Lockdown Chain

Binder Chain Assemblies

(cargo tie-down chain with assembled grab hooks)

   Grade 80 Alloy

   Grade 70 Transport

   Grade 43 High Test


Weightlifting/Powerlifting Chain Sets

(Lifting Slings? See below)

   Weightlifting/Powerlifting Chain Sets



Clevis Grab Hooks

Alloy Gr 100 for Lifting
Alloy Gr 80  Non-lifting
Transport, Gr 70
High Test, Gr 43   
Proof Coil, Gr 30

Eye Grab Hooks

Alloy, Gr 80


Clevis Sling and Slip Hooks

Grade 100 Alloy (for lifting)
Grade 80 Alloy (for lifting)
Grade 80 Alloy (not for lifting)
Grade 70 Transport
Grade 43 High Test
Grade 30 Proof Coil


Grade 100 Self-Locking Hooks


Safety Latch Kits


Special Hooks

Anchor Points
Hoist Hooks, Rigid Eye

Hoist Hooks, Swivel Eye
J Hooks
Shank Hooks

Weldable Hooks
Weld-on Excavator Hooks

Slings and Components


Lifting Slings  

(pre-assembled, tagged and certified)

   Grade 100 Alloy Chain Lifting Slings

    Sling Building Tool


Sling Attachments

      Oblong Master Links

       Oblong Master Link Sub-Assy

       Coupling Links

       Sling Tags



Draw Shave


Lifting Tongs

Log Grab

Log Jack


Pulp Hook

Skidding Tongs


Links, Connectors and Rigging



   Shackles, Forged Steel


Stainless Steel

   S-Hooks S/S

   Shackles, S/S

   Rapid Links, S/S


Load Binders


Ratchet type

Lever type - standard

Lever type - compact

Lever type - Utility Chain Tightener

Lever type - for 1/8 and 3/16

Lever type - Safety Yellow

Durabilt load binders

Dixie CM load binders

Imported load binders


Special Order Binders

What happened to Durbin-Durco?     

Technical Data

  Working Load Limits Gr 100 Slings

  Welded Steel Chain Specifications (NACM)

  North American Final Rule (DOT specs)

  Federal Specifications RR-C-271

  How many chains do I need for my load? (PDF file)

  About Chain Grading

  Working Load Limit (WLL) Chart


Chain Dimensions and Specs.

  Grade 100 Alloy

  Grade 80 Alloy

  Grade 70 Transport

  Grade 43 High Test

  Grade 30 Proof Coil

  Stainless Steel



Forms and Misc


Credit Application (online form)

Credit Application (Printable)

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