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Powder Coating Color Charts

There is a finite variety of colors that can be applied to chain using the powder coating process.  Those colors are on the charts below. But there are only a few "standard" colors, those whose pigments are in stock or readily available. We'll be happy to check for you - give us a call.


Please remember there is a minimum order for any color we don't show on our site


Minimum Special Color/ Size Order


1600 ft


800 ft


550 ft


400 ft


200 ft

Special color restrictions and instructions:

1. Left click on the link in the table below to open the file in your browser  -OR-

2. Because of the variations in computer monitors' ability to represent colors, you will get the best color representation if you print the chart on glossy paper with a high quality printer.

3. We cannot guarantee that the colors on these charts will exactly match the final product due to variations in monitors and printers. We will, however, send you a sample of standard colors for your pre-approval. Alternatively you can send us a sample of the color you need and we will give you the closes match.


Color Variations PDF Files
Beiges, Yellows, Ivory, Oranges, Reds Chart 1 (PDF) 3,106 KB
Reds, Blues, Greens Chart 2 (PDF) 3,100 KB
Greens, Greys Chart 3 (PDF) 2,928 KB
Greys,  Browns, Whites, Blacks Chart 4 (PDF) 3,402 KB



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