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Timber Carrier

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Duckbill hooks are one-piece drop forged steel construction, ground to a fine point. The ductile iron cast clasp provides higher strength. Clasp is open at top and drawn tight by a bolt, eliminating the need for a bolt hole through the handle. Heavy steel swivel allows free movement, permitting timber passage through narrow areas. Finished product is designed to handle logs from 3 to 16 inches in diameter. Handles are turned to a 2-1/2 inch diameter in 4 foot and 4-1/2 foot lengths of white mountain hickory kiln dried to an 18% moisture content. Replacement parts are available.





Wt ea


4 FT Timber Carrier complete

CM-09041 11.5

$119.19 ea


4-1/2 FT Timber Carrier complete
*** Not a stock item - shipped factory direct to you with a 2 pc minimum order ***

CM-09051 12.9

$124.61 ea



Replacement Hickory Handle

2-1/2 in X 4 ft

CM-09341 4.5

$82.33 ea


Replacement Duckbill Hooks and clasps available on special order.

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