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Log Jack


Raises and holds logs up to 12" diameter for easy cutting with a hand or chain saw. Holds logs up to 8 inches off the ground at an ideal angle for sawing. Helps prevent kickback, pinching and dulling of saw blades, plus it keeps the saw chain from hitting the ground.


Genuine Dixie Brand Log Jack is a professional quality multi-use tool for the serious wood cutter. Uses the same components as our professional logging tools. Easily converts into a Cant Hook by removing the lifting brace.


The Duckbill Hook is our #CM-24010–7/16" x 7/8" x 8" drop forged steel. Handle is made from top quality straight grain white mountain hickory kiln dried to 18% moisture content. Ideal for log sizes 3 to 12 inches.





Wt ea


Log Jack complete

CM-06238 10.5

$89.91 each
(plus shipping




Replacement Hickory Handle

2-1/4 in X 3-1/2 ft

CM-06239 3.9

$59.95 each
(plus shipping)





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 Replacement Duckbill Hook

CM-24010 1.6

$34.00 each

(plus shipping)


Download the complete Dixie Forestry Catalog (1728 PDF)



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