Powder Coated


1st Chain Supply stocks powder coated steel chain in six colors, with same-day or next-day shipping: yellow, black, red, blue, orange, and white.  Plus, we can have chain powder coated in about any other color you need!  Powder coated steel chain is perfect for indoor or outdoor barrier chain along pathways, sidewalks, parks, cemeteries, gardens, sidewalks, and parking lots.  Or, for crowd control, marking off machinery in industrial plants, or any safety related barrier application.

About Powder Coating

Powder coating is a manufacturing process whereby an organic coating is applied to a substrate and cured to a durable finish. Parts to be coated are cleaned, pretreated, and dried before coating. The powder coating material, as the name suggests, is in particulate (dust) form. This material is applied by either dip or spray techniques. The parts are cured using heat, resulting in a very durable and high quality finish that resembles liquid paint without the solvent problems.

Powder Coating is an organic coating that will never achieve the salt spray resistance of zinc plating, an inorganic material. It’s like comparing paint (powder) to metal (plating). Powder coating can achieve salt spray resistance of up to 1000 hours over galvanized substrates and 500 hours over mild steel. In some instances it is possible that the area where two links join may have little or no coating. This is not a defect.

The cheapest powder coated chain is coating over a plain (self-colored) finish. The longest lasting and best powder coated chain is coating over hot dip galvanizing. This thick, zinc coating is best for saltwater environments. Powder coating over electro zinc plating lasts somewhere in between self-colored and hot dip galvanizing.  Because of its excellent durability, we only offer powder coated steel chain over hot dip galvanizing or zinc plating -- never self-colored chain.

Specifiers technical description for chain:

"Color to be Jet Black (RAL 9005) polyester thermosetting powder coating for interior or exterior use. The powder coating thickness to be 2 to 3 mils typical over a hot dip galvanized steel. (Galvanized to ASTM A153/A153m-05). Humidity Resistance 100F., 100% RH....1000 hours+, Impact Resistance Direct and Reverse 160 inch pounds, Flexibility (Conical Mandrel) 1/8 inch, Pencil Hardness 2H, Adhesion (Cross Hatch) 5B. Packaged weight to be no greater than 300 lbs. to avoid damage to powder coating."

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