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Windlass Chain

F.A.Q.'s  Frequently Asked Questions

The easiest way is with a set of digital calipers. There is a chart on each page of BBB and Gr 40 chain.  Match your readings to the chart and Voila! (that's french), you will have your match!  Don't have digital calipers and can't afford them because you own a money hole, I mean "boat"? Then do the best you can with a ruler or tape measure. Pick out the one that is closest to your measurements and order a sample piece (available on each web page) to fit up to your gypsy.  If it fits to your liking, make sure the grade is the same and you're home free.  You can also count the number of links in one foot.  Remember to use the inside of the first and last links, not the outside.
No, I'm afraid not. Smaller lot sizes cost too much to process. Your best value is found by buying a full container.  You might try asking a buddy to share a pail or half drum with you - he may be in the same boat as you.  Hey, I made a joke!
Absolutely! Say your ideal length is 300 feet of 3/8" chain, we've made special arrangements with ACCO to do that.  Just be aware that special cuts are not returnable.  Allow 4-6 weeks for delivery and call for pricing.
Can I get oversize links welded on my chain?
Yep, we do that for the sizes marked with the "oversize link" box.  You might want to consider getting alloy shackles though - it'll save you a bundle.
Shackles the same size as the chain are never strong enough so you have to get a bigger shackle to meet or exceed the chain's rated strength.  Well if the shackle is bigger it won't fit into the darn link! Oversize links allow you to do that. Oh, and get one for each end.  Why?  I'll tell you why... if you click on the next question.
That way, in a few years, you can "end for end" the chain when the chain in the locker has still got lots of galvanizing on it but the working end looks like six miles of bad road - get the most out your investment.
Maybe. Possibly. Probably!  Some windlass manufacturers say that the difference in length is so small there would be no problem substituting the stronger yet cheaper Grade 40 in this size.  But you should ask your manufacturer just to be sure.  I don't want to be responsible for messing up your gypsy!
No. The logic is good, but NO.  The gypsy on your windlass is sized to fit one chain. Even though the 5/16 in G4 is strong enough, the links won't fit the sprocket and you'll ruin your gypsy.  Most windlass manufacturers will sell you a new gypsy to replace the old one in which case buy one for 5/16 G4 and you're good to go.  Hoo - ah!
Yes. You can find stainless steel chain here. Caution: safe working load limits are lower for stainless steel chain than for Gr 40 carbon steel chain. It's actually higher than BBB though.
Nope, the dimensions of the links are all wrong. You need a shorter link than these other grades and for a reason - a smaller, more compact link means more of the chain is in contact with the windlass gypsy at one time, thus they can make the windlass more smaller - more smaller? Smaller and lighter and still be strong enough to do the job and last a long time.  So no.  You can't.  So deal with it.
We are not able to ship drums to a residential address.   If you order anything over 150 lbs (that would be all drums) you must ship the chain to a commercial location with a forklift.  That could be your local marina or dry dock or your cousins repair shop. They will most likely have a fork truck to unload the chain and will store it for you until you need it.   Or you could ship it to the trucking company's terminal nearest you and they will call you when it's ready for pickup in your pickup.  There is a $40 non-negotiable, non-refundabe charge for terminal shipments - this includes them calling you when the shipment has arrived. Now pay attention to the drum weight, Clifford... you are not going to put 600 lbs of chain in your car's trunk.  Rent a truck.  Oh, by the way, since we are paying for the freight, we pick the trucker so the terminal may not be close.  We'll tell you where it is though and you can decide if it's close enough.  I probably should have said first that if you are ordering a pail, that goes by UPS and none of this applies to pails.  Pails go to residential addresses and commercial address for the same low price - FREE.
Is there a connecting link avaiable to join two pieces of chain and still work on my windlass?
I'm afraid no one makes a repair link like that. You can get links that are very "close" in size but only half the strength of Gr40 chain. You can get links that are as strong as Gr40 chain but they are so big as to be virtually unusable on your windlass. When the link comes out of the water someone needs to be on the windless to muscle the link around the gypsy so as not to cause damage. Sorry.
You can send us an email (click on "Contact " at the bottom and top of any webpage) or  you can call us toll-free at 1-800-523-2367, ext. 3 (international calls are taken at 1-417-451-9422) or send us a fax at 1-417-451-5651.   And there's always that online chat thing in the upper right hand corner of every page.  If anybody is working at the time you need us that is. We may be off fishing somewhere.



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