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Powder Coated Chain

F.A.Q.'s  Frequently Asked Questions


I only need a few feet. Can I order shorter lengths?

. No, sorry. We sell only in the quantities shown and multiples of it.


Do you cut to size?

. No, that's something better done on the job site anyway.


Do you have vinyl coated chain?

. No,I'm sorry but our manufacturer has discontinued their vinyl coated line and it is no longer available.


I need a different size or a different color, what do I do?

. You can do a couple of things:


 1) If you need powder coated chain in something besides yellow, red, blue, white or black then we can have it custom coated for you with certain limitations. First there is a two drum minimum - if you don't need, say, 800 ft of 1/4", we cannot do a special order. Has to be two drums.  Lead time is about a month.

 2) If you just need a few feet you might consider spray painting the chain yourself (use a zinc primer on any zinc plated chain for better adhesion). It won't be as good a quality as powder coat but we're trying to help as best we can.


. Hank, my question isn't here.  Who can I ask?

. You can send us an email (click on "Contact " at the bottom and top of any webpage) or  you can call us toll-free at 1-800-523-2367 (international calls are taken at 1-417-451-9422) or send us a fax at 1-417-451-5651.   And there's always that online chat thing in the upper right hand corner of every page.  If anybody is working at the time you need us that is. We may be off fishing somewhere.




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