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Stainless Steel Chain
..and Stainless Steel Chain Supplies

Type 304 & 316 Proof Coil

Type 316L High Test

Type 316L Grade 50 (Coming Soon)

Type 316L Grade 63 (Coming Soon)

Type 302 Sash Chain

Type 304/302 Single Jack (Coming Soon)

Type 304L Long Link

Type 304L Twist Link
Stainless Attachments
Stainless Steel Shackles
S/S Shackles
Stainless Steel S Hooks
S/S "S" Hooks
Stainless Steel Rapid Links
S/S Rapid Links

*Answers to Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Q. Can I order LESS than the minimum?
    A. No, sorry. We will occasionally have remnants available as listed HERE.

2. Q. Where do you ship from?
    A. Immediate shipping from warehouses in Tampa, Houston, Baltimore or Chicago

3. Q. Who pays for freight?
    A. Freight charges are extra. Rates can be calculated online before checkng out. When ordering drums of chain, shipping may be FREE but you must order from our Sales Department. 800-523-2367 option 3.

4. Q. How do I know if my chain is "304" or "316"?
    A. Our Type 316 chain is embossed "316" every few links.  Type 304 is generally plain but may be embossed "304" at the manufacturer's option.

5. Q. Which grade should I order? 304 or 316"?
. The composition of Type 316 stainless allows it to withstand more chemicals than 304, including a salt water marine environment. Use 316 whenever the environment is unknown, for instance in a sewage treatment facility. If being used indoors or outdoors, inland around fresh water or rain, Type 304 is generally sufficient.

6. Q. What is Type 316L chain?
    A. The "L" stands for Low carbon which makes stainless easier to weld.  If you are not welding the chain to something, use the cheaper Type 316.  If you need to weld it, then use our US or French made stainless windlass chain.

7. Q. Can I return this chain for refund for any reason?
    A. All Stainless Chain is custom cut to your specifications and NOT RETURNABLE. Be sure of your length and refer to our dimensions chart and our actual size pictures pages before ordering.








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