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1/2 Security Maxx Chain
"The Chain Your Thief Will Hate!"

Super Thru Hardened Security Lock Up Chain


(13 mm)





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2.82 lb


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  Special Cut Lengths:  Enter the total footage to the left. If you want it cut into smaller pieces, add the number of cuts above and enter the lengths at checkout in the special instructions section (for example:  cut into 3 pcs each piece 3 ft long.)



3/8 Security Maxx Chain 


1/2 Security Maxx Chain

9-655KA High Security Locks Keyed Alike
9-655KD High Security Lock Keyed Different

Nylon Cover for 3/8 chain


Nylon Cover for 1/2 chain



Safeguard your property! Thru Hardened, not just a surface hardening like cheaper chain.  This chain withstands the most determined attacks against your property!  Security Maxx has a unique "D" cross-section link and the squared sides makes it extremely difficult (and sometimes impossible!) to cut with conventional bolt cutters. Bright Electro-Galvanized finish is resistant to rust and corrosion.


Available in two sizes!  The 3/8" size will withstand the bite of a 4 ft bolt cutter under 300 lbs of weight!  Use the 1/2" size and the jaws of 90% of all bolt cutters can't fit around it. PLUS it'll take so long to cut through with a grinder or hacksaw, your thief will throw his tools down and leave in disgust!


A word about chain "hardness":  Remember that Security Maxx chain is "thru hardened" and not "case hardened" like our competitors.  What does that mean? Case hardening affects only the shell or "skin" of the chain, just a few thousandths deep into the metal. A thief can easily file through the case hardened part of the skin and then use bolt cutters in the file cut -  it's just soft steel under that and it's a simple task to finish off the job.  You can't do that with thru hardened chain.  Many of our competitors say they have a hardness of 56 to 65 HRC on their case hardened chain.  Our thru hardened chain has a hardness of 38 to 42 HRC which is the highest you can get on a thru hardened chain.  AND it's hard all the way through.


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