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"Security Maxx FAQ's" 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which size cannot be cut with bolt cutters?

 A thief normally carries around small bolt cutters that are easy to hide - 24 inch or maybe 36 inch sizes.  Neither the 3/8 nor the 1/2" chain size can be cut with those.  We put a 300 lb man using 42" bolt cutters, with the chain on the ground and him bouncing up and down on the handle for 5-10 minutes.  He eventually got thru the 3/8 chain with a lot of work but he couldn't touch the 1/2" chain.  Then we tried our 10,000 lb electric/hydraulic cutter on the 1/2".  It wouldn't touch it.  Not a scratch.  We have to cut that with our 5 HP 14" cutoff wheel.


I need a security chain that cannot be cut.  Period.

  Sorry, they don't make that.  We can make it difficult on a thief with bolt cutters or a handheld hacksaw but if he's professional enough that he carries around an acetylene torch or a portable die grinder, he's going to get your stuff.  If you need to stop that thief, you need a new plan.  All that any chain is going to do is stop the amateur and slow down the pro.

Can I order my locks keyed alike?
Yes, you can find keyed alike locks here.



What does "through hardened" mean?:  Case hardening affects only the shell or "skin" of the chain, just a few thousandths deep into the metal. A thief can easily file through the case hardened part of the skin and then use bolt cutters in the file cut -  it's just soft steel under that and it's a simple task to finish off the job.  You can't do that with thru hardened chain.  Many of our competitors say they have a hardness of 56 to 65 HRC on their case hardened chain.  Our thru hardened chain has a hardness of 38 to 42 HRC which is the highest you can get on a thru hardened chain.  AND it's hard all the way through.


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