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Item # Quantity

Grade 100 Alloy
Binder Chain Assemblies
Clevis Grab Hooks Each End

This is NOT for overhead lifting.
For overhead lifting click here
Chain Size   Single Pieces

G100 Alloy
8800 lb WLL

Replacement Hooks

3/8 X 14 ft
Call for Pricing on
25 pcs or more

Freight is extra




Item #38-374-100
(wt 23 lbs each)
3/8 X 20 ft
Call for Pricing on
20 pcs or more

Freight is extra




Item #38-376-100
(wt 33 lbs each)

Designed for use in load binding, logging, towing and other applications. Rugged, versatile, high strength chain manufactured from special alloy steel with assembled grab hooks. Every link is quenched, tempered and then proof tested. 

These chains are made with Gr 100 alloy clevis grab hooks. Although this chain uses Alloy lifting chain and Alloy hooks, the chains on this page are not suitable for overhead lifting. Click here for "lifting slings" with two grab hooks, fully certified for lifting.

"How many binders do I need?"

Contact our sales department for special sizes not shown here.

Manufactured to specifications developed by the
National Association of Chain Manufacturers(NACM) and ASTM/ANSI A391 / A391M. Grade 80. Contact our office to determine availability of chain meeting Federal Specification RR-C-271

Freight charges on binder chains will be added to your invoice  except as specified below.
See our freight allowance page.

Gr 100 Bulk Chain                                           Gr 100 Chain Specs 

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