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Brand a division of the Columbus McKinnon Forge Group CM Columbus McKinnon

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Close-up of gear and pawl

Close-up of hook


Compact Hook

Regular  Hook


3/8" Compact Red Devil

Ratchet Binder

7100 lb W.L.L.

Made in the USA


Fits these chains 1/4 5/16 3/8 1/2 5/8
High Test       



Gr 80 Alloy

Gr 100 Alloy        

About Chain Grades

Orders for 12 or more
Orders for 4-11

Orders for 1-3

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Item No.


  • - 8" take-up

  • - Dixie No. 48360

  • - 10" steel barrel

  • - 1"" acme screw

  • - 15-1/2" handle

  • - wt ea 13.0 lbs

  • - 7,100 lbs. working load limit

  • - 28,400 lbs typical breaking strength

Do not exceed working load limit

Build a Ratchet

Dixie's turnbuckle style ratchet binders offer all steel construction, drop forged steel components, acme threaded screws, double-acting, spring loaded pawls offering infinite adjustment. Meets or exceeds CVSA and D.O.T. specifications

Special features:

• Smaller, more compact hooks for better chain grabbing ability

• Higher working load limit means longer life and better versatility.
• Working load limit clearly embossed on handle.
• Over-sized eyebolts and steel barrels provide extra
strength to support loads.
• Drop forged high quality steel used for handles,
barrels, eyebolts, gears and hooks.
• Short reach hooks provide optimum take up.
• Each unit proof tested.




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