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  • - Dixie/CM No. 34332

  • - wt ea 15 lbs



Handwheel Turnbuckle
with Clevis Jaws

(8" Wheel)


1" Thd x 12" barrel

13000 lb WLL*


Order singles for $174.30/ea

Order 6 to 11 units $130.73/ea

Order 12 or more  $108.07/ea


Call for special price quotes over 100 ratchets

Freight charges extra



Item No.



*Do not exceed working load limit (WLL)



Need a bigger size? Different fittings? 

Call us for a quote or fill out our  Build a Ratchet form for fast, reliable quotes.



Dixie Handwheel Turnbuckles are built to exceed the highest military and professional specifications, including CVSA Cargo Securement Guidelines, Federal Highway, and DOT requirements.

FORGED Dixie forges each ratchet component from pure alloy steel bar: Barrels, Handles, Eye Bolts, Hooks, Gears, and Pawls providing the strongest / lightest binder money can buy.

PROOF TESTED To insure quality, each individual load binder, as part of the manufacturing process, is proof tested to two and a half times its working load limit.

BARRELS Dixie Industries upset forges all our barrels which builds mass for deeper, more consistent threads that will not pull out. This provides constant contact for the Acme threads between the bolt and barrel. Competitive swaged barrels have thinner walls that do not allow for full thread contact. Swaged barrels are also associated with excessive barrel breakage when overloaded.

ACME THREAD Fastest take up, stays put, won’t back off.

MADE IN USA All our products are forged with USA, our name, product trace codes, and Working Load Limit (WLL), as required by many laws and manufacturing best practices. Dixie proudly stands beside you for the working life of our product.





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