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Need a more "permanent" connection? Afraid someone will just unscrew the quick link and walk away with all your hard work and money? Can't blame you. But now you don't have to weld the link shut. Now you don't have to use a permanent connecting link of the wrong color or no color. Just put a drop or two or our Loctite Permanent Threadlocker on the threads and the only way it can be removed is by applying heat! Problem solved! (allow to cure 24-72 hours)

Loctite Technical Data Sheet

See our FAQ's below

$4.95 each


Item No. LT-1330582


Q. How big is it?
A. It's a 0.5 ml capsule

Q. How many quick links can it lock?
A. There are approximately 20 drops in a capsule. You need two drops per small quick link and 4 for the larger sizes.

Q. What color is it?
A. Red

Q. Do I need to clean the surface before application?
A. This is a special threadlocker that does not require primers or pretreatment. Just wipe off all heavy oil and dirt.

Q. What is the typical breakaway torque?
A. 275-290 in-lbs

Q. What is the maximum temperature?
A. 360°F/182°C

Q. What is the fixture time?
A. 10 minutes work time, 24-72 hour full cure

Q. What primer should I use?
A. None, this threadlocker does not need a primer.




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